U.S. State Dept. Document Confirms Regime Change Agenda in Middle East

"Santiago Alba Rico y otros miembros significados de Izquierda Anticapitalista siempre sostuvieron el carácter espontáneo de la Primavera Árabe. Un documento confidencial elaborado en 2010 por el Departemento de Estado confirma que la denominada Primavera Árabe no sólo no fue espontánea sino que estuvo promovida de forma activa por el imperialismo estadounidense después de un largo periodo de maduración". El imperialismo orquestó la primavera arabe

The five-page document, while using diplomatic language, makes clear that the goal is promoting and steering political change in the targeted countries: “The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is a regional program that empowers citizens in the Middle East and North Africa to develop more pluralistic, participatory, and prosperous societies. As the figures in this overview illustrate, MEPI has evolved from its origins in 2002 into a flexible, region-wide tool for direct support to indigenous civil society that mainstreams that support into the daily business of USG diplomacy in the region. MEPI engages all the countries of the NEA region except Iran. In the seven of NEA’s eighteen countries and territories with USAID missions, country-level discussions and communication between MEPI and USAID in Washington ensure that programming efforts are integrated and complementary.”